Bacronyms, A New Dictionary

by B.D. Bhargava

The word "bacronym" comes from a combination of the words "back" and "acronym," because bacronyms are essentially acronyms in reverse. While acronyms list just the initial letter of a word phrase (e.g., "FBI"), a bacronym takes the letters of a word, and makes a word phrase using those letters. The catch is that 1) the word phrase should illuminate the meaning of the original word and 2) the words must start with the letters of the original word in sequential order. For example, EAR = Earliest Audio Receiver. Another example is "Constantly Repeat And Memorize" for CRAM. 

Over a few thousand of my bacronyms have been published in a book. In this website are thousands of bacronyms, compiled by yours truly. As I like to say, "Nothing is said now that hath not been said before" – I am not being modest; most of what we say (or write) has been said (or written) before. The only claim to originality that I would like to make is about BACRONYMS. They are my idea and my creation. I can claim that this is the world’s first and only dictionary of its kind.

Please explore my creations, classified by broad genres on the left. Also I have created some Puzzles in which you have to fill in a missing word. You can leave comments about the site in general or particular bacronyms. You can also suggest additional bacronyms.
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